Payment Posting

Positive Results will arrange to have all of your payments sent to us. Each day, all payments received will be posted into the system, and a deposit will be made directly into your bank account via remote deposit scanning within 48 hours of receipt of the payment. Positive Results has no negotiable rights to your account.

We will work with all of your payers, and your clearinghouse, to setup EFT payments wherever possible. Electronic payments will reduce the time of your outstanding accounts payable.

Co-pays and other self-pay amounts collected at the time of service are also generally entered by your staff. Positive Results will track these amounts separately for you, as they are not included in the calculation of our fees.

A reconciliation is provided each day, comparing all payment postings to actual deposits. This reconciliation can be used to monitor not only the deposits made by Positive Results, but those prepared by your front office staff as well.